I am a romantic rebel and a pragmatic dreamer

(Madeleine Schwinge)


Madeleine Schwinge (*1968, Waiblingen, Germany) is a conceptual artist, curator, lecturer and facilitator. 


Humans as social constructs and invented beings are at the center of her productions, in which fiction and reality blur.


Her multidisciplinary work - at the intersections of art, curation, and extended interventions on speculative narratives of the future - intends to stimulate, provoke change of consciousness and encourage debate.


In the unique combination of art and systemic process facilitation, her passion belongs to ripping open shifts in perspective to create transformative experiential and learning processes.  

Her series "The Psychedelic Chicks" (ongoing since 2016), a fictional riot band that she stages in various media scenes between painting, assemblage, collage, object, multiples and performance lectures. The series has been nominated for the 2019 Social Art Award.


"The Psychedelic Chicks" deal with the social status quo under the influence of a media pictorial language. Under the label "Seek Tomorrow Productions," Schwinge has her fictional riot band release thematic albums (series) consisting of LP covers, drawings, collages, assemblage, paintings, and digital prints, as well as spin-offs (concert posters, multiples, fan merchandise, and editions). 


Schwinge uses image and text fragments from hybrid fashion magazines (Purple, Numero, Dazed, Interview, I:D, Another, and others) documenting art and cultural research in the fields of architecture, fashion, nightlife, sex, and television as his main source material. The clippings are assembled into new stories, scanned and enlarged with new media: prints on paper, aluminum dibond or canvas. Underlining the question of the freedom of art and the role of art in times of transition. Thus, her riot band 'The Psychedelic Chicks' can be understood as an artistic manifesto.


In an research-based and transdisciplinary approach, Schwinge explores a re-configuration process that asks for alternative ways to a livable future in a diverse, sustainable habitat. She intuitively combines profound knowledge from visual art, art theory and systemic psychology with a strong passion for aesthetics, philosophy, political current affairs, music, visual culture, cinema and literature. Her work is inspired by the 20th century avant-gardes, namely Dada, Surrealism, Fluxus, Poststudio, and the experimental approach of Blackmountain College. 


To push her work further, Madeleine Schwinge is recently experimenting "in studio" and "post studio" (life) to bring her fictional band face to face with real audiences and viewers who are able to "influence" and be "influenced" in "interactive immersive exhibitions." A multi-sensory journey begins, using performative experimentation for a groundbreaking narrative to create a new imaginary in culture and society. The structure and dramaturgy are meant to reflect a Lynchian surrealism to confront the conventions of the art world, our relationship to flattened images and their social circulation. Experiments with new 3D materials can be conducted through various media (installation, olfactory and sound recordings), which can be translated into fragments of worn jeans, leather jackets, outdated women's perfumes or polystyrene casts on canvas. Creativity - the ability to dream, to think freely, to break with normative patterns of behavior and linear thinking - can be released and spread like sound spores throughout nature.


2022, Interwoven chronicles. An artistic dialogue on a fictive crossroad between two Weltinnenraums', with Jovana Popić and Madeleine Schwinge, re:future Lab, Berlin

2021, Prognose, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart

2021, Imagine we could be the ones to change it all, re:future Lab, Berlin

2020, PERSPECTIVES. With Hollie Miller, Jovana Popic, Madeleine Schwinge, Jonny Star, Charlie Stein, re:future Lab, Berlin

2020, IN DIALOGUE. With Joseph Beuys, Paula Doepfner, Marlene Dumas, EVA & ADELE, Valérie Favre, Caroline Kryzecki, Jovana Popic, Madeleine Schwinge, Jonny Star, Claire Tabouret, re:future Lab, Berlin

2019, Artist Prize 2019, Shortlist Show, BBA Gallery, Berlin

2019, Blow Ups, submarine Projektraum, Berlin

2018, Half the story is never been told, Galerie du Cirque, Paris

2017, Weltinnenraum I, submarine Projektraum,  Berlin

2012, The Psychedelic Chicks Glam Rock Album, submarine Projektraum, Berlin

2011, Vorwärts im Rückspiegel, 5. Kunsttour Caputh, Potsdam

2010, Leistungsschau, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin

2010, Wasserwelten, elisabeth am See, Potsdam

2009, Klasse Xenia Hausner, Malerei, Kloster Traunkirchen, Traunkirchen

Lectures / Teaching

2022, Transformationsdesign, re:future Lab, Berlin

2022, Silence in Artistic Intelligence and Culture, re:future Lab, Berlin 

2021, Art & Speculative Futures, 24th World Conference, World Future Studies Federation

2021, ongoing, Teaching Coach, Dr. Bock Coaching Akademie, Berlin

2021, The Imaginary Territory, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

2021, Speculative Diaries, Württembergischer Kunstverein Stuttgart

Research project

2020, ongoing, EMBARK! - 5 Questions to. A research project, giving voice to groundbreaking artists and pioneering future protagonists, active in various fields of mutation, all dealing with the pressing topics of our epoch. The interview's common parenthesis is a questionnaire with five identical questions on the possible catalytic role of art, the impact of transdisciplinarity and narration for future socio-ecological transformation, including insights on personal creative strategies. The project is documented on the online platform


2019, The Social Art Award 2019 (nominated)

2019, BBA Artist Prize 2019 (shortlisted)

Curation (selection)

2022, INTERWOVEN CHRONICLES on a fictive crossroad between two 'Weltinnenraums', e:future Lab, Berlin

2021, HUMAN MACHINE WORLD​. The Whole Earth 2045 - Memories and Bodies from a Future

with Johanna Bruckner (Zurich), Grégory Chatonsky (Paris), Parsons & Charlesworth (Chicago), re:future Lab, Berlin

2021, RADICAL ROOMING, an experimental live performance and artistic proposition exploring our way to inhabit space and connect with the others. 1 venue. 4 artists. 5 cameras. 1 screen.; re:future Lab, Berlin


2020, Peaceful revolutions - Can art catalyze change?, The Social Art Award 2019, Publisher: Institute for Art and Innovation, Berlin

2019, Two inserts, The Psychedelic Chicks in: 'Tacit Knowledge: Post Studio/Feminism – CalArts 1970-1977',  Edition Prof. Dr. Annette Jael Lehmann, (FU) in cooperation with Kestner Gesellschaft Hannover, Spector Books


2010, Curation studies, Universität der Künste, Berlin, under Dr. Eugen Blume (Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin), Dr. Katja Blomberg (Haus am Waldsee, Berlin), Dr. Dirk Luckow (Deichtorhallen Hamburg), Dr. Leonie Baumann (Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin), Dr. Susanne Rockweiler (Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin), Marius Babias (n.b.k., Berlin)

2009 - 2015, Fine arts studies, workshops and mentorship under Prof. Valérie Favre (Universität der Künste, Berlin), Xenia Hausner, EVA & ADELE, Prof. Arnulf Rainer (Sommerakademie Traunkirchen)

2010 - 2011, Project studies, KUNSTGUT, Academy of Fine Arts Berlin, under Frank Pieperhoff

2003 - 2004, Studies of art history, Freie Universität Berlin

Memberships I Engagement

Gesellschaft für künstlerische Forschung Deutschland

WFSF World Future Studies Federation, a Unesco Partner 

KW Friends – KW Institute for Contemporary Art and Berlin Biennale 

Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart

SALOON Network for women in the arts