Embarking Future
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An applied research approach, with an emphasis on transdisciplinary dialogue. Exploration of cutting-edge artists and ground-breaking protagonists on future determining fields of mutation.

Concept and copyright:

Madeleine Schwinge


re:future Lab


A feature interview magazine, giving voice to cutting-edge artists and pioneering future protagonists, all dealing with crucial topics of our time. The common parenthesis is a questionnaire with five identical questions on the impact of art, transdisciplinary work, speculative futures, hope, narrative and creative process.


Concept/ Editor:

Madeleine Schwinge


re:future Lab


"More than ever, we need the transformative power of art as a signpost to new spaces of possibility. Art can make a valuable contribution to human shift and social transformation needed for the times ahead"
Madeleine Schwinge

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Essays on the key issues, phenomena, and metatrends of our time, social discourse and philosophical questions. It is not so much about what we could create, but rather how we should create a future that is sustainable and fair for human, non-human and Earth.


Madeleine Schwinge, the re:future Lab Advisory board members and guest experts.


Concept/ Editor:

Madeleine Schwinge


re:future Lab


re:future Lab

Founded and directed by Madeleine Schwinge. Experimental laboratory, space for contemporary art, institute for speculative futures.

A platform for art exhibitions, transdisciplinary dialogue, lectures, talks, panels,

conferences, publishing, special events, art advisory and knowledge transfer.

Future is open. Navigation comes next.

Founding director / Head curator:

Madeleine Schwinge


Advisory Board 2021:

Jan-Philipp Frühsorge, Sonia Guiramand, Nina Horstmann, Sigurd Larsen, Jovana Popic, Peggy Schoenegge.



Art series

THE PSYCHEDELIC CHICKS are a fictional rock band and an art series, created by Madeleine Schwinge,

appearing on various media scenes at the interfaces of drawing, collage, mixed media painting, print and installation. The series can be considered as an artistic manifesto for human shift and social transformation. Nominated for The Social Art Award 2019.

Madeleine Schwinge

2016 - ongoing

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Open incubator

Facilitating new narratives, new roadmaps and prototypes for better futures. Lectures, one-to-one mentoring, group workshops and masterclasses.

A method and a program that combine artistic approach and curatorial practice with speculative design and strategic process. Taking place in the re:future Lab space, a selected art venue or online.


Created by Madeleine Schwinge and hosted by re:future Lab.


World Future Studies Federation 24th World Conference,
26th-29th Oct 2021 in Berlin

Madeleine Schwinge will held a lecture on Art & Speculative Futures, 28th Oct 2021 2-3pm, Humboldt Carré, Berlin. 

Find more information and register here: