ON IDENTITY I Weltinnenraum, 2008 - ongoing

Walk to the center of your Weltinnenraum.

Leave a card.


(CARD PIECE I, Yoko Ono, 1964)

Madeleine Schwinge names the most personal group of her oeuvre after Rilke's poetic image of the context of all things and events in the universe.


It is an anthology of dialogues with a sunken world of muses and demons, of dream shreds and the search of oneself.

The self is all that we have in a world that is falling apart. It gives us a home and security.


In a modern world full of possibilities, we can create it from scratch every day. But that in turn creates decision-making pressure and further fears. We are in a dilemma, trapped in old mindsets and behavior patterns that shaped our personality.


Who are we? Who do we want to be? Who should we be? How do we express ourselves best? How do we get involved in the world and how do we want to interact with it? 

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