ON TRANSFORMATION I The Psychedelic Chicks, 2016 - ongoing

We live in times in which we

need art more than ever.

(Hans Ulrich Obrist)





are a rock band and an art series invented and produced by Madeleine Schwinge.


They are present on various media scenes: an artistic oeuvre of mixed media, painting, collage, objects, installations, text and sound pieces is combined with editions and lecture performances to a 'Gesamtkunstwerk'.


The band appearence can be understood as a creative practice working at the intersection between art and future design - a manifesto on TRANSFORMATION and HUMAN SHIFT, exploring how we can use the power of art in order to generate new ideas and habits to shape a better world of tomorrow.


In an era of radical change and rising complexity it is not only time to dream and hope again, we need to re-act and change fundamentally! Each of us and all together. This exactly is the inherant power and the responsibility of the arts: thinking freely, taking risks, breaking with obsolete mindsets and behaviour patterns and having the courage to stand up to seek the new and better.

Madeleine Schwinge brings to life a rock band because rock is loud and breaks with rules. It uses improvisation and is telling us new stories. And rock groups have the power to become idols for a new generation.


The protagonists of the ever growing band are born out of the amalgam of current international media campaigns that surround us all. Due to the fact, that fashion is mirroring our traditions, role patterns and cultural identity as well as dreams and desires, she is using mostly fashion magazines as source material.


The characteristic feature of the band figures is the gesture of playing air guitar. By giving them this pose, the artist creates new campaigns: She frees the models from their given normative postures and inhales new attitudes, which symbolize the starting point into a better tomorrow.

Madeleine Schwinge places her rock band in the tradition of the avant-gardes and moderns of the 20th century, but she lets them appear clearly in the Now and positions them as a transitional phenomenon to new utopias for the 21st century.

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Art-based experimental laboratory, think tank and project space for transformation, speculative futures and social change, founded and curated by  Madeleine Schwinge.

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