The series The Psychedelic Chicks (ongoing since 2016) can be understood as an artistic manifesto for social transformation and human shift, which simultaneously seeks to reframe questions about the autonomy of art and the role it might play in the 21st centuryThe series deals with external changes, inner distortions, changing values, human fears and dreams, imagination and speculation, superimpositions of time and space.

Under the label Seek Tomorrow Productions, Madeleine Schwinge makes her rock band publish themed albums in the form of drawings, collages, digital prints, mixed media, objects and editions, as well as concert posters and fan merchandise. Source material for the series includes fragments of images and text from social media and international print magazines, which she snips out with a scalpel, composes into new stories, then scans in order to enlarge them as prints on paper or Alu Dibond.