In art there is no progress in the horizontal,

but always only a rupture of a vertical.

(Ingeborg Bachmann)

The re:future Lab is an experimental laboratory and think tank for art and future research, designed and curated by Madeleine Schwinge, to trigger  artistic discourse and exchange among artists and futureagents of diverse disciplines at the interfaces between art, design, architecture, fashion, film, music, literature, philosophy, science, technology, business, lifestyle, food and health.

re:future Lab explores contemporary art and culture as well as forward thinking disciplines to grasp new visions. With a strong focus on innovation, creative strategies and human shift it seeks to spread new perspectives and positive narratives for future utopias.

The mission is to encourage people to stretch their habitual thinking, change their perception of reality and map their personal way to navigate into a better tomorrow. It wants to offer an extended platform for inspiration, knowledge and transfer.


The re:future Lab's activities can be experienced in the form of art exhibitions, features, panels, talks, editions, publications, art lectures, workshops, mentoring, consulting projects and special events.


The re:future Lab is headquartered in Berlin with a satellite in Paris.

 © 2021 Studio Madeleine Schwinge

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​​re:future Lab


an interdisciplinary platform for art, contemporary culture and future scenarios launched by Madeleine Schwinge

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