In art there is no progress in the horizontal,

but always only a rupture of a vertical.

(Ingeborg Bachmann)

For her work group The Psychedelic Chicks, Madeleine Schwinge invented a rock band, put together from the footage of international fashion photo productions and whose protagonists play air guitar. She takes the models out of their original contexts, removes something here and there, retaining some of their characteristics, but always gives the figures new arms and postures to symbolize a starting point of transformation. Her aim is to create new sceneries and other, positive stories - in short: new campaigns for individual and social change, urgently needed to face the crucial topics of our time.

Based on this concept the artist created a happening format that adds a participatory element to the body of work consisting of paintings, mixed media, prints, sound and installation works.


This art piece on change you can attend in person. Meet the artist and mentor Madeleine Schwinge for an individual conversation or in a group session of peers, which is taking place in the artist's studio in Berlin or Paris, in a gallery, a museum or a selected unique space. As any change starts with new ideas on a very personally base - this art project is all about you.

By participating you will become part of a multisensitive art piece and a joining member of The Psychedelic Chicks.

One person piece: Free your mind!

Inspired by selected artworks, may it be painting, drawing, photography, an installation ore other, you will open your subconsciuos and - with the help of the artists expertise and tailormade questions - get new inspiration and valuable impulses to draft your personal scetch for an urgent topic you want to deal with.​

Group piece: Blueprint your life!

Join a very special format amongst peers. ​

In a small community, guided by the artist, you will apply artistic strategies and along the concept of curation you will draft the blueprint for a big picture of your future. You will dream, experiment and pave your way to the life you really want.

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​​re:future Lab


Art-based experimental laboratory, think tank and project space for transformation, speculative futures and social change, founded and curated by  Madeleine Schwinge.

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