MENTORING I book a one-to-one session

In art there is no progress in the horizontal,

but always only a rupture of a vertical.

(Ingeborg Bachmann)



A private mentoring session with Madeleine Schwinge, dedicated to your issue and unfolding. 

Benefit in a one-to-one coaching from Madeleine Schwinge's profound knowledge and versatile experience as consultant, entrepreneur, facilitator and coach.


In a structured process she is advocate and partner at your side, to help you navigate the new, gain orientation and define your vision and strategy, might it be for personal or professional aims.

Inspired by selected artworks  and with the help of the artists expertise and tailormade questions - get new inspiration and valuable impulses to draft your personal scetch for an urgent topic you want to deal with.​


The session will take place in Madeleine Schwinge's studio, located in the re:future Lab, in a museum, an art related space or online.


German, English or French.


A short term process. 

1 hour - 10 sessions.


Please write an e-mail to for further information and to set up a personal call with Madeleine Schwinge, she will be happy to get to know and accompany you.

Madeleine Schwinge's Background:

Before devoting herself to the arts, she studied economics and received a diploma in corporate communication strategies. She has many years of experience as a freelance consultant and as an entrepreneur, as well as in advanced education and mentoring. She has conducted a multitude of strategic development processes, learning programmes and mentoring for individuals and teams, and has been invited as a lecturer to a number of conferences. Since 2001 she holds a certificate as systemic consultant, business and life coach, and has accompanied individuals and teams in change processes and in creating a masterplan to find sense and meaning in professional and personal concerns.


For a decade she worked alongside transformation researcher and political scientist Dr. Petra Bock to build a theory and award-winning methodology in the field of mindsets and human behaviour that has been translated into international best-selling books (most recently: „Der entstörte Mensch. Wie wir uns und die Welt verändern, DROEMER, 2020). From 2015 to 2017, she completed the training in Potential-Oriented Coaching according to Dr. Bock®, the precursor training of today's Inner Change® coaching. Since 2021, she has been a teaching coach of the Dr. Bock Coaching Academy team in Germany.