The Psychedelic Chicks I Live on Sunset Strip (First U.S. appearence) series I 2019


Variations of collage (30x42 cm), digital prints (143x189 cm) and painting (160x180 cm)

This album series is telling stories of the American dream of self-realization and facets of its backside. It showcases surfers 'n skaters, luxury boutiques, Bling Ring Kids, big limousines, drive-in cinema, prostitutes, nightclubs, and the famous Go Go girls.


It is a tribute to John Baldessari, a kind of dialogue with his influential work and and his Post Studio Concept. We see Schwinges band protagonists performing on the Sunset Strip: This famous L.A. boulevard, which has in the 30s already been scenery for stars of the Hollywood dream machine and later in the 60s became stage for hippie riots and  birth place of the legendary The DOORS, one of the first psychedelic rock groups. Schwinge plays with this art historic references, former realities and above that asks what has changed until today? How can the Post Studio concept be interpreted today?

The album is based on a contribution, Madeleine Schwinge has made to the practice-based research publication 'Tacit Knowledge: Post Studio/ Feminism - CalArts 1970-77', Editor: Prof. Annette Jael Lehmann, 2019. The book was published for the exhibition 'Where Art Might Happen - The Early Years of CalArts' shown at Kestnergesellschaft Hannover (2019) and Kunsthaus Graz (2020).