INTERVENTIONS I Performance lectures, Workshops

We are the revolution.
(Joseph Beuys)


One-day experimental labs on a specific phenomenon, an idea or a practice. 


Using the EMBARKING FUTURE® meta-method, designed by her, Madeleine Schwinge invites participants to explore, practice, and learn collectively.

Common to all workshops is the relevance (and urgency) of addressing the Great Transformation of the world we live in. The workshops will combine systemic thinking with visual fragments from art, design and architecture, as well as critical insights from creative thinkers and makers from diverse fields of expertise.

Suitable for adventurous minds willing to question dogma and belief, the unknown and ambiguity, and find new inspiration and perspective through perception, fiction and foreknowledge. These composite fragments, sculptures of ever-changing ideas, unfold in the re:future lab Institute for Ultra Contemporary art and Future Design.


The permeability of the concept enables ideas that can re-surface at any moment and do not end with the workshop. It is thus an open-ended practice that participants may pursue and activate at any time, anywhere. 


Limited to 10 practitioners / 1 day / in German or English


Transformationsdesign, 5. Nov 2022

embedded in the 2-day-Symposion THE ENTROPIC DREAM (4./5. Nov 22)

re:future Lab Berlin

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