We are the revolution.

(Joseph Beuys)


Concept: Madeleine Schwinge

Artworks and talk: Madeleine Schwinge

Setting: Projector, presentation screen, electric guitars, amplifyer, microphones, light organ, mannequins, stage costumes, various objects, fragrances, soundfragments, leaflets

Duration: 30 min

It is time to conquer a new paradise in situ of the old one.

Shall we continue to follow dystopian narratives based on mistrust and deconstruction? Or shall we decide, in spite of all scepticism, to set out and pretend that at the end we could reach a new, a better tomorrow? What if we trust in human distinctivity and dare to re-discover a future we lost out of sight?

We live in times in which we need the creative power of art more than ever before.

Madeleine Schwinge anchors her work in the concept of a metamodern art logic, which, oscillating between informed naivity and pragmatic idealism, commits itself to an impossible possibility.

She creates hopeful art campaigns for future utopias and let her rock band performe songs of the first steps of a transformational journey.

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Art-based experimental laboratory, think tank and project space for transformation, speculative futures and social change, founded and curated by  Madeleine Schwinge.

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